About Nida

I discovered and experienced Reiki energy in early 2000. I made more time and learned Western Reiki and Japanese Jikiden Reiki. I have earned several advanced certifications to a Master level in Western Reiki and an Okuden Master in Japanese Jikiden Reiki. My area of focus is healing patients with cancer and war victims suffering from PTSD disorders. I volunteer locally at the INOVA Loudoun Hospital's Life with Cancer Reiki program. I also volunteer time and energy to support victims of wars suffering form PTSD disorders. My focus is on direct application of Reiki healing energy based on experience. I am a member of the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club and have set up Reiki backpacking activities to experience healing through nature. In addition, I conduct Reiki Seminars at ancient and sacred sites.

My Reiki training lineage includes Mr. Tadao Yamagouchi founder of the Jikiden Reiki Association in Japan. I trained personally with Mr. Yamagouchi in Kyoto, Japan at his Jikiden Reiki School. I attained an Okuden level in Jikiden Reiki and I am currently working on becoming a Jikiden teacher (Shihan). I wanted to learn Reiki at its original source in Japan as was taught by Mr. Hayashi by working directly with Mr. Yamagouchi whose mother, Chiyoko Yamaguchi learned Reiki from Usui sensei’s direct disciple- Chujiro Hayashi in 1938. I was also fortunate to learn Western Reiki at a Master level personally with Lynn Boggess, founder of the Virginia Center for Reiki Training. The lineage of Lynn’s training includes studies under renowned instructors such as William Lee Rand, Founder and President of the International Center for Reiki Training; Laurelle Shanti Gaia, Director of the International Center for Reiki Training, Teacher Licensing Program; Yoshoko Kammomato, an established psychotherapist; and Walter Lübeck, Founder of the Reiki-do Institute and Rainbow Reiki style.

I am a compassionate humanitarian who believes we can change the world with simple acts of individual kindness. I have a scientific background and strong interest in science, physics and math. I have a bachelor of science in Chemical Engineering From The University of Jordan. I have learned much about the scientific laws of universal energy, the chemical nature of matter, thermodynamics, control systems, and fluid dynamics which I leverage in exploring the nature of Reiki's energy. I am currently a doctorate student of philosophy at Georgetown University and the focus of my work is on ethics. I consider myself a philosopher, a scientist, an environmentalist, a traveler, a healer, and a mother. Earth is the only home we have in this vast universe. We have a duty and an obligation to protect the world from wars, famines, diseases, and deforestation. I was born and raised in Amman, Jordan. My lineage and heritage is of a Jordanian Bedouin tribe who settled to farm the land in the vicinity of Salt city in Jordan in the early 1900. My mother is Palestinian from a family of farmers who have settled in the vicinity of Ramallah for thousands of years. I currently live in Virginia in the United States. I have a passion for travel and most of my Reiki tours will be taking place in Jordan, Palestine, Germany, and Japan.